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Criminal record and apostille

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If you have to move abroad for work or study and you have been asked for a criminal record, it is important that this also has an apostille or legalisation. These two terms refer to a particular stamp that gives foreign validity to the document.

But let’s go in order and start from a definition.

Criminal record: what is it?

The criminal record is a certificate, issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

It contains all criminal proceedings possibly against a particular person.

The criminal record is issued with a stamp duty of 16 euros plus 3.92. If urgently required, a brand of 3.92 more is needed.

Its validity is 6 months from issue.

Apostille: what is it?

To be valid abroad, documents must bear the apostille.

The apostille is a stamp that is used to give full foreign validity to the document and is made up of 10 points.

However, not all foreign countries require an apostille. Only those who adhere to the Aia Convention.

Some examples: France, Spain, England.

For all other countries, such as Canada, China, which do not adhere to the Convention, legalization is required.

Criminal record and apostille

Certificati-online offers the complete assistance service for the issue of the certificate and subsequent apostille and/or legalization.

Applying is very simple. Connect to the portal and start reading all the information. You will only need to attach an identity card or passport and your signed proxy authorizing us to take care of the file with the application.

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We also deal with the sworn translation of penal certificates and many other documents in court.

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